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 Shantou Buildream Toys & Crafts Co., Ltd.

About Us

Buildream Toy&Craft Co.,Ltd. is specialized in educational toy &Craft with the capacity of designing,production and marketing.We grow as a devoted innovator in the field of culture and entertainment.

We carry 2 ranges-Buildream 3D Puzzle and Paper Craft Box,which are widely serving

toy,education,gift,souvenir,stationary,and houseware markets.We also welcome customer design project and look forward to establishing long-term partnership with you.


About Buildream 3D Puzzle

3D Puzzle is a DIY educational toy with the amazing feature of turning flat pieces into vivid,3-dimesional construction.Made of pre-cut paper and foam board,its safe to play without any tool or glue.Buildream 3D Puzzle has a wide range including Theme Parks,Architectures,House

Cards,Transportation,Story,Animals,Festival collections and promotional solutions,with more collections to come.They are collectible and impressively adding to peoples visions.Children and parents play together with it as a family toy;puzzle fans collect to enjoy all the culture and history behind them;travelers take it as a gift&souvenir.It also adds fun to diary products,biscuit&candies,restaurant chains,newspaper promotion,etc. as a premium.


Buildream Philosophy

Just think about the 2 simple words-build dream!Isnt it promising!Can you get inspired that "the world is at your hand to build"!Our idea is to give children and adults alike a beautiful picture of building their own dream when they are "building" Buildream 3D Puzzle for fun and sharing.


Our Mission

Buildream has faith in the simple pursuit of fun,hope,create and share.Our goal is to grow into a leading worldwide brand in culture and entertainment.All our endeavors are eventually dedicated to the advance and civilization of human society.